VAG  diagnostic trouble codes          

This list does have   11293  Faultcodes.
9191 faultcodes does have more info (symptom, cause, solution)
00000 - 00499 00500 - 00999 01000 - 01499 01500 - 01999 02000 - 02499
02500 - 04210 16000 - 16999
P0001 - P0615
17000 - 17999
P0616 - P1591
18000 - 18999
P1592 - P2567
19000 - 28823
P2568 - P3497
28673 - 34000
U0001  -  U3FFF
65280 - 65535 B0001  -  B3FFF C0001  -  C3FFF  

You do find the VAG dtc's within these cars.
Have a look here for more information about the faultcodes (Generic Diagnostic Trouble Codes = DTC).

Additional Information - Extra code at end of error messages:
 01  Signal Shorted to B+
 02  Signal Shorted to Ground
 03  No Signal
 04  Mechanical Malfunction
 05  Input Open
 06  Signal to High
 07  Signal to Low
 08  Control Limit Surpassed
 09  Adaption Limit Surpassed
 10  Adaption Limit not Reached
 11  Control Limit not Reached
 12  Adaption Limit (Mul) Surpassed
 13  Adaption Limit (Mul) not Reached
 14  Adaption Limit (Add) Surpassed
 15  Adaption Limit (Add) not Reached
 16  Signal Outside Specifications
 17  Control Difference
 18  Upper stop spec
 19  Lower stop spec
 20  Malfunction in Basic settings
 21  Front Pressure Build-up time too long
 22  Front Pressure Reducing time too long
 23  Rear Pressure Build-up time too long
 24  Rear Pressure Reducing time too long
 25  Unknown switch condition
 26  Output Open
 27  Incorrect Signal
 28  Short to B+
 29  Short to ground
 30  Open or Short to B+
 31  Open or short to Ground
 32  Resistance too High
 33  Resistance too Low
 34  No Malfunction
 35  -
 36  Open Circuit
 37  Faulty
 38  Out won't Switch or Short to B+
 39  Out won't Switch or Short to Ground
 40  Short to another Output
 41  Blocked or no Voltage
 42  Speed Deviation too High
 43  Closed
 44  Short circuit
 45  Connector
 46  Leaking
 47  No Communication or Incorrectly connected
 48  Voltage supply
 49  No Communications
 50  Setting (Early) not reached
 51  Setting (Late) not reached
 52  Voltage Supply too High
 53  Voltage Supply too Low
 54  Incorrectly equipped
 55  Adaptation not successful
 56  In Limp-Home mode
 57  Electric circuit failure
 58  Can't Lock
 59  Can't Unlock
 60  Won't Safe
 61  Won't De-Safe
 62  No or Incorrect Adjustement
 63  Temperature Shut-Down
 64  Not Currently Testable
 65  Unauthorized
 66  Not Matched
 67  Set-Point not Reached
 68  Cylinder 1
 69  Cylinder 2
 70  Cylinder 3
 71  Cylinder 4
 72  Cylinder 5
 73  Cylinder 6
 74  Cylinder 7
 75  Cylinder 8
 76  Terminal 30 missing
 77  Internal Voltage Supply
 78  Missing Message
 79  Please Check Fault Codes
 80  Single Wire
 81  Open

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)
Een deel van de OBD-codes is 'Generic' (elke autofabrikant moet zich daar aan houden) en een deel is 'Manufacturer specific' (zo'n fout kan verschillen per automerk). De generic dtc's zijn toegewezen door de Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). De OBD-foutcode bestaat uit één letter gevolgd door een getal van vier cijfers en is geordend naar het soort fout:

  Powertrain Codes
  P0xxx Generic (SAE)
      P01xx     measurement of air and fuel  
      P02xx     measurement of air and fuel  
      P03xx     ignition system  
      P04xx     additional emission control  
      P05xx     speed and idle regulation  
      P06xx     computer and output signals  
      P07xx     transmission  
      P08xx     transmission  
      P09xx     Control Modules, input and output signals  
  P1xxx Manufacturer Specific
  P2xxx Generic (SAE)
  P30xx - P33xx Manufacturer Specific
  P34xx - P39xx Generic (SAE)

  Chassis Codes
  C0xxx Generic (SAE)
  C1xxx Manufacturer Specific
  C2xxx Manufacturer Specific
  C3xxx Generic (SAE)

  Body Codes
  B0xxx Generic (SAE)
  B1xxx Manufacturer Specific
  B2xxx Manufacturer Specific
  B3xxx Generic (SAE)

  Network Communication Codes
  U0xxx Generic (SAE)
  U1xxx Manufacturer Specific
  U2xxx Manufacturer Specific
  U3xxx Generic (SAE)

You will find the VAG dtc's in the following cars:  
  Volkswagen Lupo (6E en 6X); Polo (6N en 9N); Caddy; Golf (II t/m V); Fox; Jetta; Vento; Bora; Corrado; Passat (B3, B4, B5); Phaeton; Touareg; Touaran; Sharan; T4, T5 en Beetle.  
  Audi 80 B4; 100 (C3 en C4); A2; A3 (8L), S3; A4 (B5 en B6), S4; A6 (C5 en C6), S6, S6 plus; A8 (D2 en D3), S8; TT, TT Roadster; Coupè, Cabrio Cabriolet; Allroad quattro.  
  Seat Arosa; Ibiza (6K en 6L); Cordoba; Leon; Toledo; Alhambra; Altea.  
  Skoda Fabia; Felicia; Oktavia (1U en 1Z); Superb.  
  Ford Galaxy.  

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