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Shareware  -  geregistreerd
verschillen in functionaliteit

Om meteen maar met de deur in huis te vallen:  VAG-COM is een commercieel computer programma.
Waar VAG-COM in Nederland te kopen is staat ook bij de links.
En dan nu het prettige bericht:  VAG-COM stelt (nog steeds) een shareware versie beschikbaar.
Die shareware versie is natuurlijk beschikbaar om u enthousiast te maken het programma te kopen en natuurlijk heeft de shareware versie een aantal beperkingen in functionaliteit.

Hieronder staan een beperkt overzicht die voor een snelle blik wel geschikt is.
Het volledige overzicht van die verschillen in functionaliteit staat bij VAG-COM.

 Kanaal   Control Module   Shareware   Geregistreerd 
00  Auto-Scan  nee ja
01  Control Unit Info  ja ja
02  Read Fault Codes  beperkt ja
03  Output Tests  nee ja
04  Basic Settings  nee ja
05  Clear Fault Codes  ja ja
07  Recode Module  ja ja
08  Measuring Blocks  beperkt ja
09  Single Reading  ja ja
10  Adaptation  beperkt ja
11  Login  ja ja
12  View Readiness  ja ja
--  Data Logging  beperkt ja
--  Control Module Finder  ja ja
--  CAN bus  nee ja

VCDS Lite.
Met ingang van 01 april 2010 is er een nieuwe shareware versie beschikbaar. Beschikbaar gesteld door Ross-Tech. Hieronder staat de aankondiging.
Inderdaad: in het Engels, dus niet vertaald in het Nederlands, want VCDS-Lite is uitsluitend in het Engels beschikbaar.

VCDS-Lite is a replacement for VAG-COM versions 311 and 409. VCDS-Lite will work with any interface that works with the old VAG-COM 311 or 409. It should also work on any version of Windows from 95 though 7, including NT4. It's intended for the excessively frugal among you who are still using ancient Ross-Tech 'Dumb' interfaces from 6+ years ago, as well as the cheapskates with 3rd-party interfaces from the far east. It's available as Shareware, just like those old versions of VAG-COM, which are NO LONGER SUPPORTED as of right now. If you're currently using VAG-COM 311 or 409, you can continue to do so until you require assistance from us, or a new activation, at which point you MUST UPDATE to VCDS-Lite.

Why this update after all these years? Several reasons:

  1. we got tired of all the whining that those old VAG-COM versions were difficult to get running on Windows Vista and 7. Well yeah, those old VAG-COM versions were released YEARS before Windows Vista and 7! We're good, but we're not clairvoyant. VCDS-Lite fixes that; it should work fine with ALL version of Windows from 95 through 7.
  2. it gets tedious constantly generating new activations for those of you who can't seem keep your PCs free of viruses. Personally, I've never had a virus on any of my PCs, but then I stay away from prOn and war3z sites. Activations (licenses) for VCDS-Lite will survive reformatting your hard drive, re-installing Windows, and just about anything else you can throw at them, except a whole new PC. Just make a back-up of your license file and keep it in a safe place.
  3. lastly, there's the small matter of a trademark dispute we had with a certain car manufacturer. As of this month, we simply can't offer anything called "VAG-COM" anymore! :-O
VCDS-Lite has a bunch of other improvements as well:
  1. there's a built-in latency test which should make it easy to tell if something is slowing down or responses to those Control Modules which are "fussy" about protocol timing.
  2. it shows label-file names in the Auto-Scan just like VCDS has for some years now.
  3. it has far more label files (and thus much better documentation for many Control Modules) than the versions of VAG-COM which it replaces.
I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but I think this announcement is already long enough. So here's the link to the page where you can get VCDS-Lite. OK, I did almost forget this: The documentation (manual) for VCDS-Lite as well as some of the web-pages are not quite finished yet, so please be patient; we're working on them!
Best, -Uwe-

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