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Putt if you can. Chip if you need to. Pitch if you have to.

Dance with the one you brung with.

First you drive the ball somewhere out there where you can find it. After that you knock it up there on, or around the green. Then the game she really starts.

Recognizing individual differences in students makes teaching an art.

This is my way. What is your way? The way doesnít exist.

We donít have to force the swing to fit the model. The ĎArt of Golfí lies in allowing your swing to follow the model.

The point is that it doesnít matter if you look like a beast before or after the hit, as long as you look like a beauty at the moment of impact.

One of the biggest reasons we canít always translate the words of our instructors into effective swings is we really do not understand what our instructor is saying.

To teach golf in all itís simplicity you have to study golf in all itís complexity.

How we teach is as important as what we teach.

There are no mistakes in communication, only outcomes.

We all learn perfectly. Itís just that what we learn isnít always perfect.

Create in your students the desire to want to do something, not that they have to.

I have to rate a faulty grip as the most common cause of bad golf.

The basic factor in all good golf is the grip. Get it right, and all other progress follows.

It is impossible to play good golf without a proper grip.

The grip is the crucial junction point from which all the bodyís strenght and rhythm are transmitted to the club.

A correct grip is a fundamental necessity in the golf swing.

Without a proper grip no player can expect to hit accurate shots with even a fair degree of consistency.

Unless a player gets his or her grip correct, trouble begins immediately.

The grip is the most important single consideration in learning to play winning golf.

Most people donít realize it, but the primary difference between a good golfer and a bad one lies in the grip.

You get rewarded at the bottom end of the club by what you do at the top end.

The good player swings through the ball while a awkward player hits at it.

Follow-through is an important element in skill involving powerful propulsion of an object.

The more breezy the more easy.

Practice is the only golf advice that is good for everybody.

Golf is not a matter of live or death. Itís much more serious !

It takes players two to win a foresome, only one to loose it.

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